ZAZ GPS | Equipped on New Maserati & Alfa Romeo Vehicles

What exactly is ZAZ GPS?

ZAZ GPS is intuitive technology included with your purchase of any new Maserati or Alfa Romeo at our dealership. With nationwide coverage and no additional equipment needed to configure, seamlessly access features that range from a Driver Safety Monitor to Google Map location display, stolen or missing vehicle report and service contact reminder. These features are readily accessible from a computer, tablet or phone, with direct connections to the police or your vehicle service center.

ZAZ GPS - Added to all new cars at Essence Maserati Alfa Romeo

Ever wonder if there's a more innovative approach to locating a missing or stolen vehicle, monitoring the driving habits of younger operators or routinely keeping up on car maintenance? With ZAZ GPS, installed on every new Maserati and Alfa Romeo model at our Hurst, TX dealership, you now have an answer!

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Vehicle Recovery

Drivers throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, TX who've needed to track down a missing or stolen vehicle will appreciate the intuitive design of a ZAZ GPS installed on our new Maserati and Alfa Romeo vehicles. Contact the police to file a report in the case of the incident before reaching out to our service center with the report number you collect. Our service team can then take over the process, working in conjunction with police to retrieve your vehicle based on GPS coordination tracking.

Driver Safety

Statistics show that younger drivers are at higher risk behind the wheel, and you’ll want to instill safe driving habits from early on. A driver safety monitor system, part of the ZAZ GPS system, allows for real-time monitoring and restrictions. This includes driving speed alerts, precise car locations and even geographic boundaries that alert when your vehicle leaves a designated area.

Vehicle Service

Would you like to be alerted when your vehicle battery is low or due for routine maintenance? Conveniently connect with our service department near Dallas-Fort Worth, TX by sending automatic alerts to our team based on service benchmarks. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.