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Few automotive brands can claim a global profile as strong as Maserati's. The master engineers who work for this Italian manufacturer are justly renowned for their designs' combination of luxury amenities and exquisite performance. While Maserati's classically stunning vehicles have been turning heads since the brand's conception over a century ago, the company has also never stopped innovating.

Essence Maserati in Hurst, TX, is proud to contribute to this rich heritage. Learn more about Maserati and the automotive excellence they've been offering discerning drivers for the past one hundred years.

Maserati was founded by four brothers on December 1st, 1914 in Bologna, Italy. Alfieri, Ettore, Ernesto and Bindo all shared an immense passion for automobiles, performance engines and the pleasures of the open road. Their vision quickly evolved into the founding principles of the company - principles that still hold true to this day. Since it's founding, Maserati has been the leader of the performance luxury segment.
The Trident
Maserati's logo may be the iconic trident, but where does it come from and what does it symbolize? One of the most notable sights in Bologna is the Fountain of Neptune, an architectural wonder dating back to the height of the Italian Renaissance. The fountain features the Roman god Neptune holding a trident that resembles the one found on every Maserati. 

Meanwhile, the logo's colors - red and blue - are shared by Bologna's banner. While Maserati is no longer based in Bologna (having since relocated to Viale Ciro Menotti, Modena), the brand remains deeply intertwined with the city in which it was founded.
Constant Evolution
Maserati has never rested on its laurels. Rather, this is one automaker that constantly strives to innovate and set new standards for both luxury and performance. Maserati's designs have consistently outpaced the trends of their times, from the rounded coupes of the 1920s to the clean lines their 1960s models to the angular and aerodynamic concepts of the 1970s. 
More recently, 2007 brought the introduction of the GranTurismo, a vehicle which left attendees of the Geneva Motor Show absolutely speechless. Seven years later, Maserati took inspiration from its own history to reveal the Alfieri Concept Sports Car, a truly futuristic vehicle that's also eminently drivable. Today, the Maserati line-up consists of the Quattroporte sedan, the Ghibli executive car, the  GranTurismo touring car, the GranCabrio sports convertible and the Levante SUV.
You find all of these outstanding examples of the best in modern automotive engineering at Essence Maserati. Browse our complete Maserati inventory online, or call us at 888-635-6830 and schedule a test drive. We're located at 555 NE Loop 820 in Hurst, TX. Picture yourself in the driver's seat of a genuine, iconic Italian automobile. Shop Essence Maserati today.

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