The ZAZ GPS: Bringing You Closer to Your Alfa Romeo or Maserati, Right Here in Hurst, TX

As you research your next Maserati or Alfa Romeo model, you might hear about the ZAZ GPS device, which is equipped on all brand-new Maserati and Alfa Romeo models. But, what is ZAZ GPS and what makes it different from any other global positioning system that you would find on your smartphone or car system? Well, one of the biggest differences between the average GPS and ZAZ is that this system intuitively connects you straight to your car through your device, allowing you to not only locate the fastest route to your destination, but to track your vehicle and its various components so you can stay on top of its well-being. This brand-new system is unlike many other GPS models you will find on the average car and it comes standard on any new Alfa Romeo or Maserati model from our new inventory here at Essence Maserati in Hurst, TX!

ZAZ Connects Car to Driver

The ZAZ GPS is a lot more than just a simple hi-tech mapping system, it is an intuitive application that allows you to connect to your car through the GPS itself and through your smartphone, whether the car you choose is of the Maserati or Alfa Romeo brand. ZAZ GPS provides coverage through a number of customer care centers all throughout the united states, allowing you to monitor your car in real-time tyo determine its location. In the event that you let one of your kids borrow the car, or the vehicle is ever stolen, you will be able to monitor its location live. In the event that your vehicle is stolen, the ZAZ GPS will send out a signal to warn you of unauthorized movements, allowing you to alert one of our many call centers as well as the authorities so that your vehicle can be returned to you safely. The ZAZ GPS also enables you to keep track of your vehicle's maintenance needs by scheduling alerts when your Maserati or Alfa Romeo is in need of an oil change, tire rotation, or battery recharge/replacement.

Everything Your Vehicle Needs!

The ZAZ GPS comes standard on all 2018-2019 Alfa Romeo and Maserati models with no extra equipment required for installation and configuration. Once installed, the system allows you to connect with a wide array of other in-vehicle applications, such as the Driver Safety Monitor, so you can monitor the driving habits of anyone you allow to borrow your car. Find yours today and test drive a brand-new Maserati or Alfa Romeo model right here at Essence Maserati! We are located with here at 555 Northeast Loop 820 in Hurst, TX. See you soon!

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