Assured unlimited mileage protection for up to 6 years for select used Maserati models

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Engine: Crankcase and all internal components, oil pump, flywheel (non-clutch related failure), cylinder head(s), intake and exhaust valves and oil radiator(s). Note: Oil seals and oil leaks in general, belts and all rubber/plastic parts are not included.Transmission: ZF Automatic Transmission: Gearbox housing(s), including all internal/mechanical/electronic components Differential and driveshaft: Driveshaft. Differential housing and all internal components, axle shafts and drive flanges (rubber boots are not included). Suspension: Front axle subframe, suspension levers (bushings subject to wear), wheel bearing housing, wheel hub/bearing, springs, shock absorbers, stabilizer bars and links. Steering: Power-assist steering rack and lines (rubber hoses and boots not covered), steering gear, steering hydraulic pump, cooler and reservoir. Brake system — ABS: ABS hydraulic pump and lines, master cylinder and reservoir, brake booster, braking pressure regulator, front and rear brake calipers (not from seizing or corrosion), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB). Cooling System: Water pump (driving belts not included), radiator, radiator fans, thermostat, expansion tank.Fuel System: Fuel tank, fuel filler, fuel pump, fuel lines, accumulator, pressure regulator, injectors, airflow sensor, intake manifold, temperature sensors, idle stabilizer valve, mass airflow sensor. Electrical components: Only for electrical failures—not cosmetic) Alternator, all electronic ECUs and ignition system. Starter motor and solenoid, wiring harnesses, switches and controls, electric motors, electric contact switches, fuse boxes and relays, solenoids, actuators. All audio equipment, NAV system, radio head unit, TV/DVD, CD changer, speakers (includes subwoofer), amplifier. Airbag system. Climate Control System: Heating/air conditioning system controls, cables and valves, heater core, distribution ducts and outlets, A/C compressor and clutch, receiver dryer, accumulator, A/C condenser. Body: All exterior body panels, body panel attachments, exterior glass/mirrors, body seals and gaskets, headlamps, wheels and tires. All water and air leaks, wind and body noises. Engine and trunk area panels. Exhaust: Exhaust system. Interior: All interior trim, panels, buttons, headliners, sun visors, sun shades, steering wheel, carpet, floor and trunk mats, etc. Keys and lock cylinders.

What's not covered: The coverage does not cover faults deriving from or related to the normal wear and tear of the vehicle and/or consumable components. Such faults include, but are not limited to, the wear and tear of the following: Maintenance items; any adjustments needed for the engine, transmission, body panels, wheel alignment, wheel balancing; all maintenance items listed under the schedule maintenance chart found in the Warranty booklet/Owner’s manual (wiper blades, all hoses and clamps, fuses, filters, spark plugs, all batteries, oils and lubricants, brake pads and rotors, brake shoes, struts and shock absorbers, tires, etc.) Cosmetic issues: worn buttons, flaking chrome, discoloration of leather, trim,plastic. Batteries and remote transmitter batteries. All accessories; telephone system, any accessory added after production, etc. Cosmetic issues not affecting the function of airbags.